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Arizona 2012

Ron and I packed up and headed out with two of our paint horses ,our stallion "The Huntsman" and our gelding "Winddancers Cimaron" on the 27th of December 2011 for Arizona. We where meeting up with Phoebe Kingscote from Powel River before leaving. Phoebe had 2 ferries to catch that morning before arriving in our area later in the day. We where ready to pull out of our driveway in Langley at 2pm and Phoebe had called me to say she had made it to Aldergrove with her Canadian Stallion "Billy" and was waiting in the Safeway parking lot to meet up with us. So off we went.

Arizona here we come. It was starting rain pretty good but who cares we are heading to Arizona.

For more info on places to stay in Arizona feel free to email me (Kelly Allen) or visit our Arizona page on this web site.

Things to no before you leave below (also check our checklist page for more).

Places to get Wifi- Most or all McDonalds and Burger King have Free Wifi. Most Safeways have Wifi if they have a starbucks. Starbucks has Wifi. In Arizona Fry's stores with Starbucks have free Wifi. The Laundry mat in Apache Junction that is in the big pink building (look for Ace Hardware) on Apache Trail kiddy corner to Fry's has free Wifi fast internet too.

Also before you leave get lists of Vets in every state just in case you need one.

Our plan was to take Hwy 405 to Hwy 90 over the pass before the weather got colder. Weather report in the morning had said it was raining on the Pass. We of course hit Seattle right at rush hour. How do people do that everyday OMG that is such a busy city. Anyway we made it to North Bend and stopped and got some groceries at Safeway then headed over the pass. Once we got over it was time to find a place to stop for the night. I had planned on staying at the Ellensburg Rodeo grounds but because of the christmas holidays they did not have the staff there to accomadate us. We found the first rest area after the past and stopped for the night. The horses are just going to have to stay in the trailer for the night. Phoebe brought her "Canadian " stallion Billy out and took him for a walk but we left ours in they had hay and water and seemed quiet and happy.

Hopefully this is the last of the snow. Roads where good so far but we have lots more Passes to go. In the morning we are heading to Baker City in Oregon it was not too far. The horses don't need a long ride after spending the night in he trailer and we wanted to meet up with Darrell Brown from Grindrod BC who we had done our 2007 trip with. Darrell left Osoyoos that morning so he has a long drive to catch up and aparently his Ford truck has been giving him some trouble . Ron told him he should have bought a Dodge LOL

Rest area in Washington pictured above.

Still raining but not cold so no snow! As we drove through Oregon a saw a few of the rest areas even had corrals for horses. Something to keep in mind if you are stuck.

We arrived at Baker City early and before dark. Super cute little cow town lots of horses here. Normally they have 2 feet of snow but this is the first time in 99 years they had no snow for Christmas. We stayed a beautiful ranch in behind town called Eastern Slope Ranch you can find there listing under Oregon listings on this web site. On our way up the road to the ranch we found a couple feeds stores so picked up feed. Take as much hay as you can with you to Arizona. You can only get Alfalfa and a Bamuda grass in Arizona and it is very pricy in Arizona.

Our horses were so happy to get out and run around in the indoor. It is hard to believe on of these horse's is a stallion. That is why I love the paint horses they are so layed back and easy going.

Nice big stalls at Eastern Slope. Now we just have to wait for Darrell Brown to show up. Darrell had left a day 1/2 day after us. Below is a picture of the mountains in the back ground and all our rigs. Oh and yes Darrell showed up over night we had been looking for his old brown trailer but he showed up in a brand new rig just like ours LOL.

Well we will hit the road again and travel to Nevada today.

This is the driveway- road leading to Eastern Slope Ranch in Baker City. We are on the road again heading to Idaho then down to Nevada.

Made it across the state line into Idaho here is a picture of the snake river.

Rest stop for lunch break in Idaho and it even had Wifi.

Beautiful valley in Idaho going into an area called a "Thousand Springs" this was on hwy 30.

This was amazing these springs just come out of the roads all over the hills. It goes on for miles.

By the time we crossed the state line into Nevada it was starting to get dark. We ran into a highway patrol man and he told us about a old ghost town across from the Hwy's office and he took us there. We sent up camp and had our first fire out on the desert. You can see our easy going paint horse tied to the side of the trailer.

Darrell brought a very cool fire pit and then cooked us a wonderful mexican meal on it.

This doesn't even look as good as it tasted, great beef Fajitas. Thanks for dinner Darrell!!

This is our campsite at morning light and a storm is brewing. Tumble weed is rolling everywhere. The smell of sage was unbelievable. We have a 8 hour drive to Las Vegas today.

Heading through Nevada

Drive through some really cool canyons on the way to Vegas.

Phoebe driving up a head of us.

Darrell at the "Hot Springs" by Alamo Nevada.

We are not going to make it to Vegas before dark. Just a few miles out of town as the sun goes down. We are heading to Equine Suites only minutes for the south end of the Las Vegas Strip.

Here is the picture of the horse hotel we are staying at Equine Suites.

Lots of room for all 3 of our big rigs.

Beautiful barn with in and outs for our horses.

Phoebe and I went for a ride before heading into the strip. We are trying to get our to boys (both Stallions) use to one another. Phoebe on her Canadian Stallion "Billy" and myself on the B&W paint stallion "The Huntsman"

The Las Vegas strip is behind us in the background. (Below) We got the guys to get clean up before hitting the strip here is a picture of Bad Bad Darrell Brown the badest man in the whole dam town. LOL

We parked at Treasure Island Hotel then hit the strip. First thing we did was hit the Buffett at Treasure Island.

Having fun with the boys. LOL

Ron and I walking the strip before it got to crazy. After all it is New Years.

Darrell managed to collect a few cards. Made him very happy.LOL

Darrell thinks his profile is like Caesars LOL

The Grindrod Gang

Ron and I

So we all played Blackjack for the first time with a $10 bet each. Darrell was the last man standing and made $160.00 with a his $10 start he gave us all back our $10's.

Darrell and Toby

Heading to the new Hover Dam bridge.

Over the new Hover Dam bridge

Rest area just past the Hover Dam. The Hover Dam is over the last part of the Grand Canyon

Our first camp site in Arizona at the Burro Creek Campsite just past Wickiup


More of our campsite

Our first ride in Arizona up the canyon

Little Sammy had to swim across

Ron in the forground on his paint gelding Cimaron

Back at camp after first ride

Second ride we all loaded into Phoebe's trailer and heading to a really cool canyon down the road

Ron below in one of the nicest canyon we have every rode in.

On Jan 4th we packed up and headed to Wickenburg. Found a great campsite up past the rodeo grounds on BLM Land there is plenty of water and a wind mill to keep the well pump going. Hopefully the ranchers that own the cattle out on the BLM lands don't kick us out. We have been told you can not camp within 1/2 mile of a cattle water hole. If so there are so many areas up here to dry camp. This site is just nice because we have the water. We are 5 minutes from town so the location is fabulous. (Below pictures of our Wickenburg camp)

First sunset in Wickenburg campsite.

(Picture below of camp from top of the hill.)

Darrell and Sammy going for a walk below.

Look I can see my shadow LOL

My shadow again LOL

Our first campfire in Wickenburg

Our for another fabulous ride in the desert

Just off Blue Tunk Road above the rodeo grounds there is a great trail head called Sophie's Flattrail with dry RV camping at no cost . Above is the restroom and a place to sign in. Below is a camper we met ,Susan with her horse Sammy. They are from Northern Arizona Willams area and winter in the South.

The Moon is full

On the 11th of Jan we moved our campsite about 3 miles closer to Wickenburg to Sophie's Flat. We were told by many riders camping with in 1/2 mile of a cattle water hole was not a loud. So this was the reason for the move. Sophie's Flat It is a well set-up day or over-night staging area for horses. Room for even the biggest rigs. There are trail maps by the outhouse and info about the area. Most riders just tie their horses to the metal ralls but we put up our hotwire corrals.

To get to Sophie's Flat head up past the Rodeo Grounds ( you can also camp across from Rodeo grounds the end of campsite has corrals for horses) on Constallation road, if you turn off the hwy in Wickenburg just past McDonalds you will find the Rodeo ground. Follow up the road until it becomes gravel. You will go through one switch back and then on the top of the next hill you will see a sign that says "Sophie's Flat trail head,turn left on Blue Tank road and follow for 1.4 miles. You can not miss Sophies flat on the left hand side. There are trail heads going in every direction to ride out of camp. For water we went down to the rodeo grounds there was a tap on the right side of the horsemens entrance but bring your own hose.

There is nothing more beautiful then an Arizona sunset on horseback.

Galloping past Phoebe under the bridge in Wickenburg down the river draw.

A total blonde moment. Look no hands LOL look no

Thank god my stallion knows the word whow. LOL

The Canyons in the sand draws are so beautiful.

Friday the 13th Ride "Unbelievable!!"

This ride is not for the "faint of heart".

A group of horsemen from California and Arizona invited to join them on a ride but we were not ready so said we would catch up. (Above picture of all the riders)

The trail was a narrow trail along the top of the canyon. At some points I could no longer look down. I just prayed it wasn't going to be one of those Friday the 13th's LOL . OMG the views where incredable!!

We caught up with the other riders about half way through the ride.

We are now out of the canyon. It was beautiful but a little unnerving LOL.

This was a great bunch of riders. Everyone so far that we have met in Wickenburg has been so friendly.

Ron up on the hill before we got back to camp. 

Saturday night we were invited to a BBQ by the Arizona/California riders.

Good people and great food!!

We had another fabulous ride Sunday up the river to a beauitful boxed canyon.

There are beauitful homes all along the river edge.

Ron coming out of the boxed canyon and Phoebe going in.

Billy doesn't think the ladder will hold him LOL

Hunter and me :)

Wanted Dead or Alive

Bad Bad Darrell Brown the baddest man in the whole dam town.

Stopped and had lunch with this really nice family and their friends. They are from Surprise Arizona.

Below are some pictures I took the last day at Sophie's Flat.

Outhouse and info at Sophie's Flat

Our last sunset at Sophie's Flat off to Cave Creek in the morning.

Got to Cave Creek and Ron stopped in to say hi to follow firefighters and they were kind enough to let us fill up with water. We found out also how to get to Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area where there is a stagging area for horses. You head down the Carefree Hwy until you get to Cave Creek road and then turn North up Cave Creek road about 2.4 miles. You will come to Spur Creek road turn left (North) go up about 4.5 miles to the very end where there is a parking lot and you will find lots of trails. We heard about this place through the Paint Horse Journal. Both Ron and I ride American Paint horses.

We set-up camp hoping we will not get kicked out. There is not overnight camping but the rancher next to the parking lot told us if they kick us out move to his farm. People here are so friendly.

Ron and I headed out for a short sunset ride.

Each area in Arizona is so different. There are so many beautiful tall cactus here it is very senic.

Tomorrow we will be taking our first long ride here. Hope to stay for a couple days then head to Apache Junction where we hope to meet up with some more friends heading our way for Canada. They left on the 17th but are battleing snow storms all the way down the coast.

Had yet another Amazing ride in Arizona. This is Spur Cross Ranch Trail head. We took the most difficult trail today it was the Elephant Mountain trail. Not recommended for any beginners. Another cliff hanger LOL but so beautiful, views of Cave Creek, Carefree, and all the way to Phoenix.

Hard to believe we rode almost to the top of that peak.

Another great ride in Cave Creek

Hunter was a little sore because he had a little fall so he walked home with out me on his back.

Our new campsite in Apache Junction at Goldfield Ghost Town.

I almost feel like I came home. I just love Apache Junction! Here is our first ride to the cliff's over looking Mesa.

Phoebe and I on our Stallion's Hunter and Billy.

"Darrell" Look Mesa

The views of Supersitition Mountains ahead

Ron and Cimaron

Phoebe took some great shots of the 3 of us.

Ron and I

Phoebe and I

Another great shot of me on "The Huntsman" (Hunter) that Phoebe took

Ron and Darrell

Ron and I

Ron and Cimaron

Goldfield Mining Ghost Town

The Mammoth Bar at Goldfield

Darrell and I with our horse in the parking lot LOL

Ron and I

Our cats waiting for the sunset

Another beautiful sunset

We had to more rigs pull in the other night from British Columbia. After a 6 day trip from hell with snow storms, ice rain, mountain pass closers, having to buy chains to make the passes and going through sand storms in the California desert they made it save. Above is our first ride out in Apache Junction.

Ron, Jay and Sharon

Phoebe and her stallion "Billy"

Sharon and her big palomino gelding "Toby"

The whole gang (well almost the whole gang I am missing)


My wild stallion "Hunter"

Darrell and Phoebe rode there horse way up a rock face to a whole or Arch in the side of the cliff.

To give you an idea were the Arch was look very carefully right above "Jay and Stella" the pinto horse. You will see a very small Arch at the very top. This is were Phoebe and Darrell rode up to.

Phoebe with her Canadian stallion "Billy" and Darrells mare a Spotted Walker "Bailey"

Hard to believe Billy is a stallion with a mare right beside him. They are looking way down at the horses left below.

Over looking the Ghost Town of Goldfield

We had some good photo moments on this ride


Sharon , Ron and Jay

Jay and Stella

Sharon, Jay and I

January 26th First Water ride below

We had some climbing to do and Cimaron lost a boot on the way up. Lucky we found it :)

Every part of Arizona brings beautiful new scenery

Jay and I scoped out a new trail but it was getting late so we decided to turn around and head back to camp.

On our way home. Sharon and Toby a head of us.

On January 28th we got on the Goldfield Train to scoop it out for a fake train robbery. Made sure we let the conductor know first.

Phoebe rode up just in time to get in on the act.

We had fun on our first robbery LOL

We took some hostages but let them go once we found they were from BC

My cousin Dana came with her daughter Tessa. Tessa had a ride on Hunter before our next Train robbery

Dana took all the pictures of our last train robbery below.

Dana took some great shots of us robbing the train.

We had too much fun and the people on he train love it,

Another great view ride

On Jan 30th we rode to the base of Superstition Mountain

Looking back at camp on our way up the mountain

Goldfield Ghost-town

Ron and Jay

Jay brougth his good camera and took some great shots of Ron and I

I took this picture, at the same time Jay took the picture below.

I took a picture of Jay as he took one of me LOL

Jay took this shot of us heading down the mountain.

Jay O'Jay did a sunset photoshot of Ron and I

I guess it must be pass Hunter's bedtime LOL

Jay took some great shots of Ron and I with our horses.

Below is our ride to Hackleberry Springs

Well we didn't rob he train on the way out maybe next time. LOL

Jay and Sharon riding out of Goldfield

The whole Grindrod gang

Here is a couple good shots I took on my way up he hill of the gang

Creek shots of Ron and Darrell

Jay and Stella

Sharon and Toby

At the spring

Here is the spring. It just flows out of the side of this huge cliff

Below leaving the canyon and the spring.

Below is a ride we took on Feb 5th of Cottonwood Springs ride.

Cottonwood Springs

Cottonwood Springs now has tall grass in it.

Ron and Jay

Future cowboy's and Cowgirl's

All the dogs love Darrell. They are going to miss him when he goes home for 5 days.

Below is a picture of our Jack Russell "Sammy" , "Buster" Sharons Poodle and our big cat "Tigger".

Darrell made an unbelievable dinner with Cedar Plank BBQ BC Salmon, rice and salad. It was better then most 5 star hotels and we even had music LOL Darrell leaves in the morning to go home for a family funeral. We will be thinking of you Darrell. He will be arriving back here on the 14th of Feb

We had planned on moving from Goldfield back to Wickenburg soon but kind of love it here at Goldfield so plan on staying until the 15th.

Goldfield is not the best horse facility it only has corrals for the horses, but we like this facility for everything else. You are close to the trails, they are pet friendly , it is next to the Ghost town, you can walk up to the Mammath Salon and have a cold beer and a BBQ steak. It is only $15 a night for dry camping and $7 per horse. The riding is some of the best riding in Arizona.

You are 5 minutes from Fry's grocery store were you can shop and check your email. Fry's has free internet as well as the Pink Laundry mat that is kidding corner in the mall next to Fry's. You can not miss the Laundry mat it is painted bright pink. LOL

Below is another great ride we did in The Lost Dutchman Park. We rode up along the left side Supersitition Mountains. The views were fabulous. We rode with Stefanie Grady from Utah. It was Stefanie's last ride in Apache Junction before she headed home to the snow in Utah.

To get up to the park entrance we rode by King's Stable it is a great place to winter with your horses. It costs more then Goldfield at $750 per month plus you horse cost at $15 a night but you have full hook-ups, a round pen and ring with turn-outs for your horses.

Ride up toward the Mountain.

Sharon and Stefanie.

We had friends of our from Langley whom also have a place here in Cave Creek AZ come and visit with there horses for a ride. Leslie and Mauro had never been to Goldfield or Supersition Mountain we had a great ride and thanks to Jay we got some great pictures.

Leslie and Mauro (above and below)

It is always me taking pictures so it is nice to have someone like Jay O'Jay take them too. Jay has a incredible camera and takes fabulous shots. Here are 3 of me on my APHA paint stallion "The Huntsman"

Ok yes Hunter is a little sleepy

Ron and his horse Cimaron

Mauro coming down the hill

Sharon and Toby

Leslie on her super horse "Smartee" and Mauro on Blue

Here is all of us but Jay

After our ride we all when out for dinner to "Filly's" a great place eat and dance.

Our next ride was a garden ride and of course Jay O'Jay gots some more great shots of us all. Ron and Cimaron above.

Me and "The Huntsman"

Sharon and Toby. Toby is sticking his tongue out at Jay LOL

Phoebe and her Canadian Stallion "Billy"

I took Jay's camera and got a good shot of Stella and Jay.

We rode to Bull Dog mountain

Good shot of Phoebe up on the hill with Billy

When we got home it was Movie night. We watched Open Range with Robert Davel and Kevin Costner

Our next ride was to the Massacre Grounds along side of Supersition Mountain

Sharon rode part way with us then headed back to camp.

The trail got a little extreme but was ridable to the Massacre grounds

Jay and Stella riding to the top of the Massacre grounds

Once at the top we met up with more Canadian riders from Alberta

Another group of riders come up there, they were from North Dakota. Jim known as North Dakota Jim is from North Dakota were he and his wife do guide rides at Canyon Ranch in South Dakota and run a family farm in North Dakota. They have been coming to Apache Junction for years and know most of the locals and most of the trails. It was great meeting them and we hope to do some rides with them next year.

We headed back down following Jim.

Another great ride here in Arizona finising off at the Bar at Goldfield then over to "Filly's" for dinner.

Feb 14th "Valentines day" OMG it is cold and rainy. I can see snow on the tips of Superstition Mountains. Darrell is flying back from Edmonton today and another friend Annabell is flying in from Vancouver. There will be no riding today.

Feb 15th I decided to let Jay ride my stallion as he came down here with Annabell horse. We had some more BC friends show up at camp as well Lorraine and her boyfirend Mike. They had been south in Arizona with their horses and are heading home soon. So they all when for a ride. (Pictures coming soon)

Feb 16th well all headed to West World in Scottsdale to see the Arab show or should say the huge trade show that goes along with it.

This was at the main entrance of the show. It was a beautiful life like sculpture and you could purchase it for just a little over $200,000.

There were over 2100 horses entered in this show.

My favorite tent is the Schneiders tent. I bought a few good things LOL and so did Ron

Jan 17th we did a ride back up to Hackleberry Springs again this time with Annabell. Lovely ride we did the short way in and out then the Jacobs trail below Superstition mountain home.

Here is a picture of Jay leading on Sharon's horse Toby Annebell , Ron and Mike heading out down the sand draw.

Another beautiful day.

Ron, Jay,Annabell and Mike (Above)

Annabella and Stella (Above)

This shot shows you the landscape of the area it is just breath taking.

Darrell and Phoebe caught up to us just before the 1st water parking lot.

Over looking the valley before doing the steep ride to the bottom at Hackleberry Springs

Ron heading down

Everyone made it to the bottom of the Canyon safe. It is beaufiful down here.

We headed to the Spring and had our lunch before heading back up the hill back to camp.

Heading back up the steep hill from the Canyon below.

I took some pictures as the rest rode down the hill below me.

Heading back on the Jacob's trail below Superstition Mountain

Annabell and Stella below Superstion Mountain.

Well we got back to camp just before dark so we all went out for dinner. We tried to get into "The Hitching Post" Bar but it was packed. So we went to the "Grand Buffet" all you can eat for $10.88 it is located just across the street from McDonalds on Apache Trail.

Just for reference if you do come to Arizona with your horses and ride this area, there are 3 great bar/eating places that have hitching rails for your horses. Right here at Goldfield there is "The Mammoth Bar Steak house" , down hwy 88 to Apache Junction the second place would be "The Hitching post" a chicken and pizza place and then there is "Filly's" all 3 places are very western with live entertainment night and day.

Mesa Swap Meet Great plaee to go to shop. You can find almost anything. Get directions

Well we said out good byes to Goldfield and headed back to Wickenburg. This time for the first few days decided to camp at Vulture Peak. It is up in behind Safeway off hwy 60 take Vulture Mine road to Vulture Peak road head in about a mile to a big open space on the right where it is able to take many large rigs.

Darrell and Phoebe decided to stay behind in Apache Junction or even maybe head back to Cave Creek. Hopefully they still send me pictures. They hope to catch up with us again soon.

Here is the campsite. There is lots of room for even the biggest rigs.

Sunrise shot with Vulture peak in the background

Mike and Lorraine's campsite with Vulture Peak in the background

Heading to Vulture Peak

Ron, Sharon, Mike and Annabell

Mike , Ron and Sharon

Ron, Mike and Annabell

Don't know what they are looking at but it must be something LOL

Great shot of Annabell with Vulture Peak

Ron, Mike and Sharon by Vulture's Peak

Great shot of Stella and Annabell

Feb 23rd 2012- So we are now back at Sophie's Flat in Wickenburg. Picture above of Sharon and Toby and Jay on my stallion Hunter in the sand draw. The Temperatures are now heading into the high 70's. The sand draws are very hot. My poor dogs almost roasted even on a short ride.

My little Jack Russell "Sammy" didn't do too bad it was my Aussie that felt the dust and heat.

Annabell and Stella going down the draw. Sharon and I headed back with the dogs.

Feb 24th 2012- Ron took Jay , and Annabell for a great ride. I will have to get the pictures from Jay. They did the "A" trail to "B" then "C" then "D" into the Dinosaur wash then up to the box canyon.

Another beautiful sunset

Feb 25th it is Jay and Annabell's last day in Arizona. So I took them out on the scary ride along the canyon edge. It is a beautiful ride but not for the faunt of heart.

Starting out on the canyon trail

Jay and Annabell

The climb even farther up

I was able to look down this trip and even took pictures of the draw below.

Ending the one side of the canyon before riding to the bottom and across to the other side.

Once on the other side I took more pictures of the drop, You can see the narrow trail in the above picture that drops hundreds of feet to the floor below.

Another picture of the sand draw below

You can see a Jeep heading below in this shot above.

We all survived the canyon ride LOL

Once we finished the canyon trail we headed to the Wind Mill

On our way to the Wind Mill we met up with 20 or more riders from a Fox trotter club. They said over 55 horses were riding with them this weekend. They spilt the groups into 3

We let them pass . Fox trotters can really cover ground.

Annabell and Jay looking down toward the Wind Mill

My shadow picture with the wind mill.

Well Jay and Annabell it is sad to see you leave. Have a safe trip home.

We did the Dinosaur Wash ride to the Boxed Canyon

I think the reason it is called the Dinosaur Wash is the shapes in the mountains look like Dinosaur's

This is another beautiful ride.

There are a few challenges down rock banks

Great shapes in the rocks all the way through the canyon

A few narrow passes

There are some parts of the wash that are so hard to get through you have to go up and over them by trail

The weather was beautiful in the high 70's

The rock around you was beautiful red colors

Can you spot the little lizard ?

Great Shot of Sharon

Ron took a picture of us in the Boxed Canyon

Ron above in the boxed canyon

Sharon and I looking back into the boxed Canyon

The river running through the canyon

This is a busy area for a lot of ATV's and trail rider's

Another great ride

Feb 24th we took our last ride from Sophie's Flat before moving back to Vulture Peak for the week.

We rode the whole "A" Trail Loop , from the camp parking lot to the day parking lot

It was a cooler day with wind and clouds.

Sharon and Toby under an Ironwood tree.

Sharon held Ron's horse well Ron checked out another Mine off the trail

Riding the top of the "A" Trail there are some beautiful views over looking all of Wickenburg all the way accross to Vultures Peak

Trails from Sophie's Flat are all well marked

You feel like you are going through someones private Cactus Garden it is beautiful

Picture of Red Rock Mountain above

Sharon and Toby doing the last big climb down the "A" Trail

Back at Sophie's Flat "click here to see map of trail head"

Before you get to Blue Tank rodeo up to Sophie's Flat there is a Rodeo ground on Constellation road. There you can dry camp for $5.00 a night . At the very far end of the camp site there are 3 sites with double metal corrals.

We always stop on our way up to Sophie's to full our water at the rodeo grounds. You will see the water on the right hand ide by the entrance gait

We filled up here today on our way back to Vulture Peak then stop at city hall to empty our septic tank. It is open to empty your septic Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm

Below is our first ride back a Vulture Peak. We rode down towards town to the "Rancho de los Caballerors" guest ranch and golf course. This ranch is one of the oldest ranches in Wickenburg and has been here for over 60 years.

The trails are all over and easy to find

Looking back at Vulture Peak

Some of the trail is nice soft sand footing

The ranch has over 90 lovely healthy horses

A couple of the guest that just fly in from the east coast for a few days of riding

The golf course

Ron and Sharon in the sunset light

We took a short drive into Rancho de los Caballerors" guest ranch and golf course to see what it was like

They have over 100 horses to suit any riders qualifications

All the horses look fat and happy

Pool and clubhouse

Many tennis courts

Each guest has there own unit

Golf Digest voted this golf course in the top 75 in North America

Now for another day ofgreat Arizona riding

Looking back at Vulture Peak on the way out on our ride.

Sharon riding throught one of the many sand draws

We found a couple caves on the way that look like either Coyotoes of big cats live in them

Sharon on her way up the side of the mountain

Ron and I at the top of the first peak

Ron and Sharon climbing to the second peak

At the top of teh mountain over looking the whole of Wickenburg

You have to love some of the cactus shapes this one looks like an outlaw

Another great ride. Below is our Vulture Peak campsite

March 3 2012

We took the 5 hour ride all the way around Vulture Peak. What a beautiful ride.

The views are beautiful on this ride

Shawneen, Sharon and Ron

The ride will take you down to sand draw keep your eyes open for a trail up a canyon

Top heavy cactus

Cathedral Canyon go in a ways until you see a rock pile on the right

This is the trail going out of the canyon (both above pictures)

Once you come out of the small Cathedral canyon it is like a garden above

This trail wines you through the most beautiful cactus garden

Ron bush wacking above the wash

You drop down into a wash that you will see ATV tracks in keep your eyes open to the left to come out

You go up and down a few gully's before you reach the top of the hill were you cross to the other side

You cross betten this peak

Yes it is getting warmer so keep your eyes on the trail and road a head of you for snakes

This is a young diamond back rattle snake. He was still a little sleepy , Ron had to throw a few roads his way to get him our of our way. LOL We saw another one just a few minutes down the road again

Not only do the snakes come out in the springs warm weather but you will start to see the desert in Bloom

Our last short rest area before getting back into camp. When we got back to camp Darrell and Phoebe and joined back up with us. We have 2 more rides before heading back to B.C. to the rain and wet. :(

March 4th 2012 - (Above) Darrell and Phoebe came out riding with us for the first time in a few weeks.

Another beautiful garden ride

Phoebe taking a picture of the beautiful landscape (below)

Over the saddle back of the mountains

If you look real close you will see Darrell and Phoebe heading up the mountain they are almost to the top

On the left at the very top of the mountain is Darrell and Phoebe but they are just little dots (Below)

Climbing up the other side of the mountain from Darrell and Phoebe

The view from the top was unbelievable!!

Panoramic view from the very top

Our last ride in Arizona before we head home tomorrow

Came across a big cave on the hill

Darrell and Phoebe rode up to it and Ron walked up

Inside there was sheaded snake skins

Inside cave

Picture looking down at all of us below

Sharon ,Phoebe and Shawneen

Darrell and Ron beside Arizona smallest cactus

All I can say is there is one in every crowd (A clown that is)

Yes Bad Bad Darrell Brown the badest man in the whole dam town. LOL

Our ride took us right by the golf course at "Rancho de los Caballerors"

Phoebe taking a picture of me taking a picture of her

Shawneen rode my stallion for a while and I got to ride her cute little Canadian gelding.

We will miss this campsite with the view of Vulture Peak in the background

It is not snakes you have to worry about here it is the locals

And I mean "Local" LOL

No worries the Sherriff of Grindrod chased out the "Local". Darrell trying to make our last morning in Arizona amusing. He has a couple more weeks before he heads back to reality,If he ever does ,( he does have to return to work in BC soon). Darrell you have made our trip great! We have lots of memories, robbing the train of "Goldfield" great train rides and your supper dinners around the camp fire enjoy your last couple weeks.

My last picture of the beautiful Arizona scenery

Just heading out of Kingman Arizona head towards Mead Lake and the Hover Dam

The rocks along the Hover Dam area . This is part of the Grand Canyon

Lake Mead as we crossed the new bridge over the Hover Dam

High winds were expected all day in Arizona and Nevada this picture doesn't really show how windy it is in Vegas but the cloud ahead is blowing sand covering the Las Vegas Stripe.

Ron had to stop just out side of Vegas to tye down our Awnings the winds were so high it was blowning them off the trailer

If high winds were not bad enough then the snow started just past Alamo on our way to Ely.

It was white out conditions you can barely see Sharon's Trailer in front of us. We did make it safe TG!

OMG it was very cold in Ely NV well below freezing. This is a picture of the White Pine County Fairgrounds in the morning.

They had four rows of new stabling with nice big stalls. It was $10 a night per horse and we even got electric hook-up by the hot walkers.

By 1pm we had already made it to Idaho the weather was cool but clear. This is a picture of the snake river above.

Idaho Sunset

We found a great place to stay in Boise. They breed paint horses.Hidden Valley Paints. I took this picture of the young horses under the full moon.

Horses got a good run before another traveling day.

More baby paint pictures from Hidden Valley Ranch

There is 40 acres at Hidden Valley Paints

Can't leave town before checking out the local Boise tack store. We spent way too much money.

We made it out of Idaho and into Oregon.

Coming down into the valley before Pendleton

We got to the Hart Ranch in Yakima by 4pm

Another great place to stay with indoor and outdoor rings

Again our horses got out to have a good run around in a big round pen at the Hart Ranch

Our last Sunset on the road on our way to what we have been told a super Italian Restaurant called Gasperttiis

And yes the food was wonderful we ate way too much








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