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Well it is that time of year again "On the road again"

Arizona 2013

"On the road again" January 29th 2013

Feb- 2013 update - We were all ready to leave on the 29th but after 2 years of trying to sell our farm we had decided we would take it off the market Jan 28th and wait until we got home to relist it. Sunday the 27th we had a second showing on the farm and an offer within hours. This changed all our plans as they wanted quick procession. It was a cash offer so we had nothing to do but pack up and put everything into storage. We order a 20' container and packed and cleaned for 5 days.

Feb. 5th 2013

Our new rig all packed and ready to hit the road as we say goodbye to our farm one last time.

We are now officially "Homeless"

The washington passes had snow but the roads were clear.

Once we got to Ellensburg the sky's were blue.

Love the new truck lots of room to put my feet up.

The sun was setting on our first day it still has not hit us we are now homeless :)

We found a rest area just out side of Hermiston Oregon that had corrals and call it a night.

The next moring we hit the rode early by 8:30 am we had already hit the Idaho state line.

(picture above is the last rest area in Oregon).

This is a site to see the Snake river. Can you see the golf course in the rocks?

Idaho potatoes fields as far as the eyes can see heading to the Nevada state line.

It is a long drive from here to Ely Nevada were we plan on spending out second night at the Ely rodeo grounds.

Made it to Ely before the sunset. We made good time and by tomorrow we should be in Wickenburg Arizona.

The rodeo ground are open 24/7 it is an honor system only $10 a night per horse. Click this link to find out more

White Pines Country Fairgrounds

Driving hwy 318 to hwy 93 in Nevada Thursday Feb. 7th 2013

Going through Vegas on our way to Arizona

Just about to cross Hover Dam

Going through Kingman below


20 miles from Wickenburg on hwy 93

Unloading "Smarty" at Sophie's Flat

Our campsite

How to get to Sophie's Flat - In Wickenburg turn right on El Recreo Dr. just west of the Tastee Freeze, go north to Constellation Rd. and continue on Constellation Rd. past the rodeo grounds. At the end of the pavement go 1 mile to the Y in the road. Go left on Blue Tank Wash Road and follow this road about 1.5 miles to the large flat fenced area that's the Sophies Flat trail head. GPS coordinates are: N 34.00.385, W 112.41.705

Our first ride with Bad Bad Darrell Brown

Riding back to camp

Saturday morning we woke up to freezing weather and a sprinkle of snow

We met a group of horsemen from all over (Canada & USA) for the weekend of riding.

Instead of riding Ron, Darrell and I headed into Wickenburg for Goldrush days to see

the Parade that I was told had more then 2000 horses in it.

Then we headed back to camp for a Pot Luck

Then there was a Pot Luck Mexican style

This was an incredible sunset

Last day at Sophies Flat

Trail ride with group of riders from Arizona, Oregon, Alberta and British Columbia

Ron Stolp (Langley BC) , Verna and Ken Pohl (Ponoka Alberta) coming down the hill.

(Sharon if you are reading this yes the Pohl's know Wanda , Mike and the kids LOL)

Free Internet at Mcdonalds in Wickenburg they are even decorated western for the horse people coming through town.

Sleepy kitties

Duma and Darrell having a little snuggle

We heading out of Wickenburg just as a storm came in.

Arrived at Superstition Mountain just as the clouds were lifting.

We are heading to Goldfield Ghost town where dry camping is $15 a night and horses are $7 each a night.

You can ride right off property to endless trails. There are cool shops, and the Mammoth Steakhouse & Saloon.

Directions from Phoenix to Goldfield
Take US-60 East (Superstition Freeway)
Drive east to exit 196 Idaho Road/AZ-88 East
Turn left on Idaho Road /AZ-88 East | 2.3 miles
Turn right at N. Apache Trail / AZ-88 East | 4.0 miles
Turn left at Goldfield Ghost Town!

Ron and Darrell are so happy with there new toy hauling trucks. LOL

Ron even got a new licence plate for his truck. LOL

Headed to the Eastern Buffet for dinner over by the Mesa Market.

Great food for all you can eat for under $12 a person

Feb 12th Ride to Hackleberry Springs in the "Lost Dutchman State Park"

We had snow on the mountains around us this morning.

The weather is getting warmer but still cool Heading up sand draw towards road into the Park.

Road up to the "First Water" parking lot.

Time for a rest at "First Water" here is a picture of my wild stallion Hunter LOL (nothing wild about him).

There was a couple other groups of riders up at "First Water" heading in for a ride.

Some people just trailer there horses up to the trail head . The ride in is at least 1 1/2 up to first water from Goldfield.

We took the trail out the back of "First Water" heading from camp it is the fastest way into the Springs.

You will follow a small narrow trail until you come to the top of a hill where it drops down into the valley below.

Once you get to the bottom you will see the trail across the river going into the canyon and the spring.

Of course Darrell headed the wrong way to say hi to some hikers up the trail.

You follow this trail into the springs. When you get to an open area where there is grass and trees.

You can tie your horses up and look for the Spring it is not easy to find.

Go to the high canyon wall you will see a small trail by a tree at the base of the canyon follow it up and you will find the spring coming out the side of the canyon.

Coming out of the spring you see some cool rock formations

We took the trail to the Garden plateau where you can see Weaver Needle in the foreground.

My riding partners Ron and Darrell

The end of another day in Paradise

Feb 13th 2013

Today the ride is going to take us to the base of Superstition Mountains

Heading up towards the base of the mountain. The sun is not quite over the top yet.

This is the cross trail at the base of the mountain.

Ron and Darrell in front of a huge rock that is been there for thousands of years.

This is so beautiful here.

Looking up at Supersition Mountain.

Looking below us on the mountain we can see more riders coming up.

This trail takes you on a few ups and downs . This trail is not for the faints of heart.

Darrell got some good pictures of me and Hunter coming up the hill behind them.

On the other side of one of the draws we met up with the riders we could see below us. They too were Canadians.

Darrell and Bailey over looking the whole valley below.

Looking back at the trail behind us I got a shot of the couple from Alberta with their horses

It was a little cool up on the side of the mountain still early morning and the sun had just started coming over the mountain.

The rock formation on this mountain is like no other. Just incredible.

Back into the sunshine as we head down the mountain towards camp

Looking back on Superstition Mountain as the sun rays start shining through.

We too the Jacobson trail across to our trail head out of the park

Back to camp at Goldfield Ghost Town and it is going to be just a beautiful day

And another beautiful sunset to end another day in "Paridise"


Feb 14th-2013 Valentines Day we are heading out past Goldfield to a look out over the hole valley

Kenya our Savannah loves the sun

Getting ready for the ride

Darrell tacking up

Heading over the railway trains. The Goldfield train goes around Goldfield.


Self portait LOL

Great look out

Look out over hole valley

Heading back toward Supersition Mountain

Heading back to camp

Here are some of the Cactus we can see out on the trail


This the Arizona Barrel Cactus (Ferocactus wislizeni)

Hedgehog Cactus (Echinocereus nicholii)

Jumping Cholla (Opuntia fulgida) This is one of the ones to worry about on the trail. Make sure you carry a comb

Ocotillo (Fouquieria splendens) you see a lot of this on the trail.

Saguaro Cactus (Carnegiea gigantea) These cactus are what Arizona is all about just breathtaking in real life.

Pear Cactus or Santa Rita prickly pear (Opuntia santa-rita)

Teddy bear Cholla Cactus (Opuntia bigelovii) don't let this fizzy little guys fool you they are prickley care a comb.

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