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What you need to take with you

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  • Health papers and coggins if crossing any state lines or boarders
  • Make sure your horse is up todate on shots and worming and you have the paperwork for it
  • Horse ownership papers (eg: registation papers, bill of sale , lease agreement etc)
  • Water containers for horses- Allow for 20 gallons per horse daily.
  • Water and feed buckets
  • Large feeders for keeping feed off ground, hay nets or hay bags.
  • Leather Punch
  • Grooming equipment
  • Saddles and Bridle
  • Saddle pads
  • Extra saddle blanket
  • Extra Cinch or girth, & if riding English (extra leathers and extra stirrup)
  • Extra reins
  • Extra halter and lead rope
  • shipping boots
  • Horse feed and Hay
  • Horse blanket or rain sheet for cold night or raining ones.
  • Fly Mask and Fly spray
  • Scissors
  • Rope for high line or picketing, portable electric fence or portable corrals for overnight
  • Large Flashlight or Lantern with extra batteries
  • Horseshoe replacement equipment or easy boot

First Aid Kit- for you and your horses

  • Elastic-on Tape and Sterile Pads
  • Bandages
  • Antibiotic Ointment
  • Saline for your eyes and horses
  • Stethoscope
  • Bute- (Phenylbutazone)
  • Furacin
  • Banamine - if horse ties up or colics
  • Acepromzine Tranqulizer
  • Horse Liniment liquid
  • Electrolytes
  • Bran - for a bran mash if horse is a little colicy
  • Benelyn , and anti itch creme for bug bites
  • Tylenol , for you
  • Cold formula

Check List for your Ride

  • Hoof pick or Knife
  • Insect repellent
  • Pocket knife - or leathermen
  • Comb (for removing cactus spines if riding in the desert)
  • Leather Lacing ( for emergency tack repairs)
  • Matches or Lighter
  • Small pocket flash light
  • Horseshoe replacement equipment or easy boot
  • Waterproof saddle cover, poncho or rain gear for rider
  • Halter and lead rope
  • Riding gloves
  • Trail guide or maps
  • Riders hat or Helmet
  • Long sleeved shirt and chaps
  • Dress warm enough if cold
  • Warm coat for you, long johns, heavy socks
  • If it is hot , Sunscreen, Chapped Lip medication
  • Snack ,Water bottles
  • Camera
  • Compass or GPS
  • Emergency signaling device- cell phone flares
  • Bear spray or Bear bangers
  • Hobbles

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Author Kelly Allen. Copyright 2001 [Camping and Horses]. All rights reserved. Revised: 08/31/07