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One of our favor rides is in Merritt B.C. known for their huge Country Music Festival in July of every year.  (Merritt Mountain Music Festival). Merritt is a small cow town 3 hours from Vancouver B.C. the campsite we go to is at a forest campsite located minutes from the city of Merritt called Lundbom Grasslands. The campsite is located on a lake called Lundbom there are about 12 wood corral now and many campsites with good fire pits, picnic tables and gravel pads for both horse trailer and truck.

Warning - Since I listed this site in 2007 the campsite has gotten very busy. The camp host is very accommodating and will let you high line or put up temperary corrals so come prepared. Even when there is 40 horses at camp you can ride the trails all day with out running into another horsemen. It is a great place to go.




On Highway 97c going out of Merritt. The Lundbom Lake turnoff is 5km past the tourist info center towards Kelowna. It is on the left hand side sign says Lundbom. Once on the Lundbom lake road take the fork to the left don't take the high road to the right road is very ruff, drive 5km pass the first 2 lakes then take the first and only left hand turn cross over the cattle guard to the right at Lundbom Lake and corrals and campsites are right there.

Here is a link to Recreation Sites and Trails BC they have a map how to get there and more info on this site

Our Campsite under the trees

Campsite over looking Lundbom Lake

Corrals at Lundbom Lake campsite

Overview of the campsite. 

The dogs love the ride too. Lilly American Bulldog the photographer Lori Larson's dog, Sammy our Jack Russel and Sidney our Aussie. Horses APHA mare Zanda with Kelly, Sienna with Ron and Lucky and Sharon a good friend. Her dog buster is in the picture but too small to spot. He is a miny poodle.  


The campsite is open year round but the weather gets cold after the 15th of October. Merritt is a very dry area almost desert like dry hot summers but cold snowy winters so the best time to travel would be after May 15th until mid October. The Lake is located on a Forest site in the middle of hundreds of miles of grasslands used by the cattle ranchers to graze their cattle. There are many trails to follow through the grasslands. The view points are beautiful of the lakes from some of the high pikes.


All the trails were made by the Merritt Mountain Bike visit their web site for info and trail conditions.

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