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Arizona Trip 2008

Keep Posted for new Arizona Pictures and  places to ride and camp with your horses. Ron and I are heading back to Arizona at the end of on January 2008 with a friend Sharon Jackson.

This is our second year in a roll to head south to Arizona. This year we are taking a follow Back country Horsemen friend of ours Sharon Jackson from South Surrey. Well we packed up and made a run for the boarder in a snowstorm on Tuesday afternoon.  We where planning on waiting for a day or two, we heard the weather report rain in Seattle today, tomorrow a foot or more of snow. So I guess it is today or nothing….The snow was coming down good until we crossed the boarder at Sumas. Once into Bellingham it was raining thank god.


(picture above leaving home)
Our first stop was Portland Oregon and a visit with a friend of mine Bonnie Rider and all her Coeur de Lion foals (Coeur de Lion was my late Holstein stallion).  Well it was a long day with rain, fog, snow and icy roads.  We got lost getting to Bonnie’s and ended up the side of a mountain with the snow falling fast. It took some time to get the two rigs turned around on that twisty turny narrow mountain road but made it to Bonnie’s. She had stalls ready for our horses and dinner ready for us. In the morning she gave us a tour of her 136-acre ranch. Bonnie’s  yearlings had a great time running around showing off. 

    (Bonnie’s Coeur de Lion foals)
Our second day was another crazy weather day. Roads where clear but snow was everywhere. We had snow all the way to Redding California. We drove over 12 hours until we got just past Sacramento. We couldn't’t find horse accommodations so drove into a Flying J truck stop off Hwy 12 just before Stockton. It was a great spot to stop with the horses. No they could not get out but they where happy to spend time eating and not moving in a trailer.   


(picture above at Flying J gas bar Truck stop)

Thursday (Today) we are off to Kingsman Arizona. It will be a long drive but hopefully we can arrive before dark.

It is a long drive though California. California has been hit hard by rain and wind storms but today it is a beautiful day the sun is shining. We stopped at a few rest spots along the way to get the dogs out for a run.

(picture above left to right Buster, Sammy and Sid)

After a long drive through the Mojave Desert we made it to Arizona. We arrived at the  Kingsman Rodeo ground around 7pm our time and 8 pm Arizona time.

Just before dropping down to the desert we go through an area covered by Wind Mills. The snow is still very close even in Southern California.


Friday, February 1st 2008 it is a beautiful day here in Kingsman. We are up higher in the mountains, and got some frost this morning but it is burning off fast. Before heading to Wickenburg we are going through a car was to wash off all the sand, salt and mud off our rigs. There is a big truck stop just before Hwy 93 with Big truck washes.

(Truck Stop just before Wickenburg exit)

You want to make sure you have a full tank of gas before taking Hwy 93 to Wickenburg. There is only one little town between Kingsman and Wickenburg and they have no Diesel fuel. We stopped at Wickiup on the way through it is a cute little town. Great little gift shop and apparently fabulous homemade pies. They even have corrals for your horses at their RV stop. We could come back and camp here later.

We made it to Wickenburg by Noon. Stopped at the Store to get food for a few days and headed up above the Rodeo grounds up in the BLM Lands to find a good camp spot. Holiday will start then ….

(our Wickenburg Camp site)

We found a great stop with room for a few rigs as we had another couple from Sask. Canada meeting us in Wickenburg. Chris and Lyle arrived only minutes after us.

Yahhhh Whoooooo lets go riding!!!......

The next day off we went for a 6 hour ride. Ron was showing Lyle how to use his GPS to find Geo Cashes. We stopped and found a few.


Our first day's ride was fabulous. We rode all the way back into town. Stopped at McDonalds for soft Ice cream then rode home finding more geo cashes along the way.

Above picture is of Chris and Lyle


We are heading back to camp just in time for Cocktail hour. Phoned a couple Backcountry horsemen friend's that winter down here, Paul and Shawneen. They came up and had dinner with us.

(Campfire Sunset picture)

The next day we woke up to cold wet weather so headed into town. It is Super Bowl Sunday and the streets are empty. Everyone must of headed to Glendale for the big day. We got some shopping done and got back to camp just before a heck of a storm blow through with wind, rain and thunder. Everyone moved indoors to the campers. Ron and I watched a couple DVD's and listened to the storm outside. In the morning it was still windy but the sun was out. We may ride later.

Sunday Night the storm hit. It had rained through the day and was getting really windy.  After dinner we all headed inside. The trailer rocked all night from the wind and you could hear the rain coming down. We were high enough up that we didn’t have to worry about the flash floods. The next day we took Blue Tank road to the river that was dry the day before. The road crossing was closed so we couldn't’t get to town that way.  We headed all the way back to get another road into town.

(River Crossing road now closed)

The next morning it was still a little cool so we headed back into town. We were told the weather was going to get better. At least it wasn't’t snowing. That night I got a fabulous shot of the sun setting.

(Clouds had started moving away and it was a cool but beautiful night)

Tuesday was a beautiful day. A great day for a ride so we saddled up the horses and all five of us went for a ride. We rode through a ride draw up into a boxed Canyon.

Above picture of the Boxed Canyon we rode up to. We stopped and had lunch here.


Above picture of Chris, Lyle ,Sharon and Ron beside a huge cactus.

Wednesday the weather was even better. We did afternoon ride until sunset. Above picture is of Lyle , Chris and Sharon coming through a sand draw.

The above picture is of a working wind mill it powers the water pump to get water to hundreds of free range cattle on the desert.

Above picture taken back at camp at the end of our ride. This is Chris and Lyle up on the hill above the camp.

We had extra company come up and join us up at camp. Paul Fyfe from our Aldergrove Backcountry Horsemen Chapter came up with one of his horses and stayed for a few days. He spends the winter in Wickenburg. Thursday we all had a great ride did a little rock climbing on horseback over a few large hills. Chris's horse chili didn't take kindly having Cholle in her belly and almost did a summersault down the hill. Chris baled off just in time.

Here is a picture of Paul and his 27 year old horse Sunny over looking the valley we are just about to ride down too.

Here is all of our ride except for me. From Left to right Sharon, Ron, Paul , Lyle and Chris at one of the most interesting Cactus I have ever seen. The weather was even better today.

Friday was the start of the Wickenburg Rodeo. The Budwiser Clydesdales came into town just after the Superbowl. Here is a picture of Sharon with the Budwiser Dog.

Here is one of the youngest members of the Clydesdales Budwiser team. He is only 5 years old so hasn't beefed up yet like the rest of his team. It was worth the trip to the rodeo just to see the budwiser team.

Saturday we packed up the wagons and road into Apache Junction. If you want to feel like you have been blasted back into the past this is the place for you and your horse. We stay at a place on hwy 88 called Kings Stables. It is located right across the street from and old mining town called "Goldfield".

Here is a picture of Ron at "Goldfield". He is in the mining cart. Our camp site is in the foreground below the mountain.

Above is a picture of Kings Stable. There are RV site and corrals with covers. People come from all over North America. There are driving trails from the stable all over Apache Junction.

Ride is unbelievable riding here you can ride a new trail every day. Your only 25 minutes from Phoenix so you can do some great shopping. There is a fabulous Flea Market 15 minutes away in Mesa open 4 days a week. You can buy any thing there.

There is a different sunset every night in the Desert.

Wednesday we did a little mountain climbing on horse back.

Above is a picture of Ron and I over looking Superstition Mountain and Apache Junction.

This ride is not for those afraid of heights. Here is Sharon looking over Phoenix.

A storm blow in on Friday so we decided to go Scottsdale to the Arab Show.

Above picture of storm blowing in.

Scottsdale Arab show had over 3,000 horses. The trade show was fabulous. We all spent too much money.

Saturday the weather got better to we went for a ride.

Picture of the dogs, Ron , Sharon and Michelle from Kings Stable on her Black and White Fox Trotter.

Sunday February 17th we headed to New River Arizona just past Cave Creek about 1 1/2 hours from Apache Junction to watch the largest growing Equestrian Sport in North America. Cowboy Mounted Shooting.


Above is a picture of Lee Gable a Level 5 competitive shooter on his quarter horse gelding. Lee is our neighbor at our camp. Both he and his wife Pam compete. This was only a schooling show but there were over 48 contestants. There is a big competition the middle of March in Chandler Arizona called the Wild West Show.

Monday the 18th the sky is blue it is a good day for a ride.


This mountain changes color all the time. This is the view from our camp site at sunset.


Taken on Tuesday Feb. 18th 2008


This shows you how much rain they have had this year. The Desert is now blooming and green.

Speaking of Waterhole's here is a picture of the Three Amigos' now all great buddies. From Left to right Kelly's horse Zanda , Ron's horse Sienna, and Toby, Sharon's great steed.

This is the Waterhole at "Goldfield" the ghost town across the street from King's Stable. You can meet horsemen from all over the country side here.

You have to watch out for the odd crazy gunslinger Cowboy that shoots of his guns. At least the horses are still at the rail. I really didn't feel like walking home. Ron's horse can get use to the guns so Ron can do the Cowboy Mounted Shooting.

I think the Bud team is following us. They are now over at "Goldfield" another rodeo is coming into town. Sharon and Ron took their horses over to try out to be Bud horses. My horse doesn't want to be a Bud horse "too much work she said".

Today we are going on a Ride with Na' the owner of King;s Stable.

Picture of Na on her Fox Trotter in the middle Sharon in the front and me in the back. We are on are way to Huckleberry Spring's. This is a beautiful ride.

Here is another picture of us heading out.

Here is a picture of me on Zanda and our Neighbor Lee Gable on his Cowboy Mounted Shooting horse. Lee came up to Huckleberry with us. It is about a 5 hour ride round trip from camp.

Another storm came in last night. Ron and I went into Chandler to visit some of my Family and on the way home you could see the lightning Flashes over the Mountains. The wind start blowing in the middle of the night and the trailer was shaking like a rag doll. It rained for a little while and the lightning flashed. It was kind of cool watching the storm over the mountains.We woke up to a beautiful sunny day Thursday morning. Today we are planning another trip to the Scottsdale Arab Show.

This is the entrance to West World in Scottsdale Arizona. Home of the 53rd Annual Scottsdale Arab Show.

The horse and Rider above are from Surrey BC and are in the top 10 at Scottsdale 1/2 Arab Hunter under saddle class. They won this class and below is a picture of them taking the Championship at Scottsdale . The Res. Champion was also from Surrey B.C Canada.

Champion Hunter from Surrey

There were 9 rings going at once at Scottsdale. Hunter Classes, Halter Classes, Reining , Show Hack and warm up classes.

This is the Top Ten 2 year old filly class. The filly above was also a BC Horse.

Here is a beautiful 1/2 Arab Pinto in the Western Pleasure Class.

Of course no trip to the Arab show is complete with out a good look around at the Trade Show.

Here is a Show Hack Class.

Well a day can just fly by here. It is sunset and we are leaving West World. This show is worth the trip to see.

Well it is Lost Dutchman Days in Apache Junction. Ron and I rode into Town to watch the Parade and ran into the group rom our Camp ready to go down Main Street so we joined them in the Parade. Our horses where great with all the noise.

Picture above of Lost Dutchman Parade and our group from Camp. Ron and I where in the middle.

After the Parade we all had Pizza and a cold drink.

Later that day (Saturday the 23rd) my family came a calling. Left to right my cousin Dana, her daughter Tessa, Bailey a friend of Sarah's, Sarah my second cousin, and my Uncle Dean "The Race Horsemen".

The girls all had a chance to ride. We took them over to Goldfield.

Here is a picture of Tessa and Sarah with Goldfield and Superstition Mountains in the background.

Here is a picture of our campsite and the view we see everyday.

Fairgounds and Rodeo grounds at Lost Dutchman. Ron and I, Sharon and Chris rode over on Sunday.

Another beautiful Sunset.

Another great ride up to the Apache Killing ground on the Northside of Superstition Mountain.The views where breath taking. We took a couple other people from camp with us. Steve from Iowa and Connie from Missouri.

Of Course Ron had to get right on the edge. It is thousands of feet down. This is where the Apache's ran the Mexicans off the edge of the cliff many many years ago.

Here is a picture of my mare Zanda looking down towards camp.

Picture of Ron coming down the mountain.

The sun was shinning. I think I got a little sun burned even with 30 sunscreen on.

We took a scenic drive on one of the scarest roads in Arizona Hwy 88 between Tortilla Flats and Roosevelt Lake. Above picture is of Canon Lake only 20 minutes from Camp.

Above Picture is of Torilla Flats Population 6

Inside the Bar at Tortilla Flats.

Ron and I with the scary road in the foreground.

This is a one lane gravel road with a thousand foot drops.

Single lane bridge over beautiful Canyon creek

Sharon and I on the bridge

Roosevelt Dam

Roosevelt Lake

Cave Indian Drillings over 600 years old.

Feb 28th our last ride in Arizona.

We rode with a lady called Beth Pictured on the left on the black and white pinto. She is almost 80 and still rides 3 to 4 hours a day on a pretty hot 25 year old walking horse.

Left to right Steve from Iowa, Na the stable owner and Sharon on one of Steves Appy's. She gave Toby a day off.

Steve and Sharon

Well you know it is time to leave when the Baddest Outlaw in Town runs you out of Town.

Lee Cable from Colorado on the left. He competes in the Cowboy Mounted Shooting and is a Wildlife and Western Artist.

Today is the 29th and we are all packed up and ready to head home to Canada.

I don't want to leave. It has been a fabulous trip and we have met some wonderful new friends down here.



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