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Vancouver Island horse camps

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Memekay Horse Camp Recreation Site

From Campbell River (approx 40 min):
Drive north from Campbell River towards Sayward (Hwy No 19).
Drive past Roberts Lake Resort (or stop and grab fresh cinnamon buns at the restaurant!).
The Roberts Lake Provincial rest stop is next on your right and a good place to stop (lots of room for your rig), from the rest stop it is approximately 13 km to ‘Big Tree Main’.
Turn left onto Big Tree Main resource road and drive approximately 6km.
Turn right onto Salmon River Main and drive approximately 1km.
You will go over the Memekay River Bridge then travel a short distance to the Memekay Horse Camp Recreation Site farm gate on your right.
Come on in through the gate, check out the site layout sign on your left and make your way into a camp site.
From Port Hardy:
Drive south towards Campbell River (Hwy No 19).
Turn right onto the Big Tree Main and follow directions above.
Things to know:
This is a very active area, expect logging traffic from potentially 5ish am to 6pm, 7days a week. Outside this time there may still be mechanics and lowbeds running around but at a lighter level.
The entrance to the rec site is by the logging truck brake check so all loads coming from beyond there will be stopping there. Please ensure that there is no interference with this brake check area and that there is no blocking of roads.
Yield all right of way to loaded logging trucks.
Tips for resource road driving: Watch for pull off spots, watch for dust and/or listen for the trucks in particular for blind spots.
Watch for wildlife, elk herds in the area.

Brewster Horse Camp Recreation Site

From Campbell River (approx 15 min):
Drive north from Campbell River towards Sayward (Hwy No 19).
Turn left at the Menzies Bay Main, travel approximately 17 km to Brewster Lake forestry camp site (will be on your right).
The Brewster Horse Camp Recreation Site is directly across from this site (on your left).
Drive in and pull around to the corrals.


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